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How to get started?

1. Instant deposits

Deposit items from CSGO, DotA2 or TF2 (keys only). Once the trade is confirmed, the items will be available to play from your inventory on our platform. Only CS:GO items can be played against other players, any other deposit will be converted to credits, which you can use to get CS:GO items from our store, or play right away in one of the game that uses credits instead of items.

Note that once items that end up on our platform can only be played but not withdrawed. In order to withdraw any winning, you will have to use our marketplace.

2. Play one of our games


The roulette allows you to get x2 or x14 your credits instantly. Set an amount, choose a color and wait for the roll! It's that simple.


Pick a side and flip your items in this 1vs1 game against another player! the odds are calculated based on the total amount of your wager within margin of 5%.


One winner takes all! Place any amount of items in the jackpot against other players. The closing timer will start whenever the total required items necessary is reached. Your odds of winning are calculated on the overall value of the items you placed.

3. Peer exchange Marketplace

Our marketplace allows you to withdraw any items that you want without having to wait! You can withdraw CS:GO or DotA2 items at any time using credits from your account. Items are constantly updated and offers are sent from other players, therefore the prices are dynamic. You can filter only highly discounted items to find good deals on your favorite items.